Link Round-Up


Liz Climo makes the most awesome cartoons. Count me obsessed! My recent faves: Back to School, More Fun Than Taking Turns and Still Ridiculous.

♥ Kat’s new Crown and Glory collection “The Bridesmaid Collection” has arrived! I’m lusting after the Liberace belts the most…

♥ Jenn is the best when it comes to quilting, and I’m definitely saving this hexagon tutorial for when I’m brave enough to have a go at them myself!

Portobello Beer Burgers?! Yes please!

♥ I’m gearing up to start sewing my first dress soon, and found Annika’s circle skirt dress tutorial really useful to watch. I have a pattern that I’m going to use for my first dress, but I’d like to have a go at Annika’s tutorial soon, too!

♥ I think these polka dot porcelain earrings are really sweet.

♥ This roasted broccoli looks really tasty, omnom…


Phew! This week has been a bit of an odd one for me, but fun none-the-less! I’m looking forward to seeing some lovely people this week, and as I’ve got some time off of work, I’m hoping to get started on some new projects (and finishing a few, too!). Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!


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