Link Round-Up


Dinabijushop makes the most amazing brooches! I especially love the fox (with hobby horse!) and cat (with fish bowl!).

♥ I would love to make one of these photo candles!

♥ I enjoyed Sarah’s post “What Lorelai Gilmore taught me about community and weirdos“.

♥ These DIY confetti print curtains are really fun.

♥ Alexandra Franzen wrote about how we should all make today a “Mel Brown Smile” kind of day.

♥ I know I’ve linked to Epuu before, but you guys – swoooon, swooooon, swoooooon! Also, pretty fond of these gorgeous fringe necklaces

This hand-printed shirt is really cute and colourful!


A lovely weekend spent at the bi-annual LAN party has made for a very cheery Libby! Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I’ve enjoyed mine, and of course, these lovely links!


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