Link Round-Up


♥ First things first – C.A.T.S. are going to replace every single advert on a London tube station with pictures of cats. Ahh! So excited for this!

♥ I’ve always been interested in pressed flowers, but not given it a go for a long time… Maybe now is the time?

♥ I’m loving the new Love Grows Wild collection by Classy Clutter!

♥ This DIY hanging plant shelf is several kinds of awesome.

♥ Mmm, this piña colada panna cotta sounds delicious.

Surviving emergencies as a first year student midwife. This would definitely have been a good read when I first started on placements!

Italian lime pudding. DROOL.

♥ When I was scrolling through my bloglovin’ account, the idea of a woven leather bench didn’t call out to me, but when I saw the full tutorial I thought it looked glorious. So awesome!

♥ This is one of the best purses I’ve seen in a while.

DIY pizza embroidery shoes, anyone? (I have to admit, Daria’s DIY got my head spinning a little away from the direction of pizza… Imagine, oxytocin molecule embroidery shoes would be pretty rad, amiright?!)

♥ I know I’m not the only person who will think these huge insect illustrations would be the perfect addition to a room!


Happy Sunday, y’all! It’s been one of those whirlwind weeks for me, so I’m ready to greet Sunday evening with a smile and some pajamas! Hope you’ve had a good one – here’s to another lovely week!

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