Link Round-Up


Moomin trainers?! WANT!

Yoghurt confetti not only sounds great, but looks great too! And I’ll take a bet that it’s rather tasty, too…

♥ I love the colours, pattern and quotation of this fantastic “words for the day” post by Lisa Congdon.

♥ These crochet earrings are really sweet, and come in every colour under the sun!

♥ A stray cat makes friends… D’aw!

♥ Oh my gosh – a dress covered in insects?! Swoon!

♥ I know I’m not the only one who definitely needs birthday cake jello shots in their life!


Being back in my home-town is making me feel pretty ecstatic. I’m hoping to have some work in Essex lined-up shortly, because I don’t really fancy the hectic yo-yo-ing up and down the country that I was doing before January… Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to having a bit of time off to relax and catch-up with some of my favourite people, before I throw myself back into work. Here’s to a lazy weekend!


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