Link Round-Up


♥ Have you seen Quarter Life Poetry? I found it last week (via Daria) and think it’s really awesome!

♥ Anything ending with “AKA the best brunch ever!” has basically got my vote – brussel sprout and purple potato hash. YUM!

♥ Alice’s royal vegetarian bean beet burger has definitely got me drooling!

♥ This triple twist ponytail is so pretty.

♥ Annika wrote an opinion post on ethical fashion, and I’m in agreement with pretty much everything she says.

♥ So, crême Brûlée pie sounds pretty amazing, right?

A desert in Chile, blooming with beautiful pink flowers. Wow.


Sunday, already! This week went crazy-quick… But I have a feeling that the one ahead might just go even quicker! Hope you enjoy the links, hope you enjoy your week, and hope you’re all taking care of yourselves (and each other)!

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  1. Oh, yum, those recipes! And I’m happy you linked to Annika’s post – I wanted to read it and forgot all about it 🙂

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