Link Round-Up

♥ The Long Copenhagen Necklace by ShlomitOfir is so beautiful! (Via Skunkboy Creatures.)

♥ As always, I love Mister Finch’s moths, and the ones he released this week are no exception. So pretty!

♥ On the subject of insects – aren’t these papercut insects by Ashley Gierke absolutely stunning?! Swoon! (Via The Dainty Squid.)

♥ Dave showed me Kitten Kong this week. Who could fail to love a GIANT kitten?!

♥ I love this outfit that Katherine has put together – how many fox-themed outfits can one girl wear at once? Too awesome!

JeeYoung Lee’s work is absolutely stunning. I’m in awe of it all!

♥ Is it me, or do eggnog cinnamon rolls sound delicious?!


I can’t believe Christmas day is just 3 days away now! I’m working until Friday (boo!) but then I’m off for a while, celebrating the holidays and Lisa & Paul’s wedding (!!) with lots of my favourite folks. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, and hope you have an even lovelier Christmas!


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