Link Round-Up


♥ Katherine is holding a giveaway on her blog with Kelsey, who makes the sweetest pouches on Etsy. So cute!

♥ I have long been a fan of the amazing Tim Walker, so I adored this collection of images by him that Emily put together on her blog. So good!

♥ Sealmaiden makes some really stunning clothes. I think this t-shirt is gorgeous.

♥ Emma’s post “On Changing Dreams” struck a chord with a lot of people (me included!). I think Emma and Elsie are two very inspirational and fantastic ladies, and all of the work that they post helps to motivate and encourage me.

♥ I love the hair combs in SchickiMickis on Etsy. I especially like this colourful one – so cute!

♥ Lastly, Caroline and I decided earlier on this year that we don’t have the amount of time that we would ideally like to commit to The Badger Set, and as a result we will be “shutting up shop” at the end of this tax year (the 5th of April). Everything in the shop is £5 and under, and once it’s gone, it’s gone… So get your hands on it whilst you still can!


I can’t believe that in less than a week it will be March! Here’s to hoping this last week of February shines for us all – have a good week!


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