Link Round-Up


♥ Debs is having a print offer over at her Etsy shop (buy one get one free!) – check it out!

♥ I love this new painting by Lisa Congdon, the colours are gorgeous.

♥ Kate’s apartment tour of her kitchen is so sweet!

♥ This herbalicious mojito recipe by Katherine has got me craving mojitos so bad! I’m hoping for some at the LAN party new weekend…

♥ Katie’s horse ring holder is awesome. A cat version for me? Yes please!

♥ I just found Beili Liu’s work. You can consider me well-and-truly wowed! The Mending Project and Encirclement are my favourites.

♥ I may well have to make some of these treats by Alice for Barnabee and Squirrel!

♥ I’m so excited for Sandra as her new novel “Det Handler Om Dig” is released this month! I really hope it gets translated into English…


Phew! As previously mentioned, this week has been quite draining for me and I’ve felt like there’s been a bit too much non-stop mayhem! Thankfully the weekend has involved lots of catching-up on sleep (always required after I finish a stint of 12-hour night shifts!) and lazing about (as well as enjoying the sunshine and going to a ceilidh, yay!). Hope you’re looking forward to the next week as much as I am (LAN party at the weekend, eee!)!

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