Link Round-Up


This video of Neil Gaiman explaining that “different is good” is the best.

Tessa Perlow’s embroidery makes me swoon!

Such a pretty dress.

♥ This lemon and poppy seed cake looks so very, very delicious.

♥ Apparently, hot baths burn as many calories as a 30 minute walk. Sounds like a good excuse to take lots of lovely baths if you ask me!



♥ Mmm, blackberry and tea shrub cocktail mixer, anyone?

♥ I love these monstera earrings that Daria has made!

♥ Anyone else like quirky bottle openers? Ta-da!

♥ We’re having a Pandemic Legacy session in a few weekends, and I think that these chili cheese chips will be an essential fuel for the game…

♥ Did you know that last Friday was Britain’s very first working day without coal since the industrial revolution?!


Happy weekend lovelies! Hope you’ve had a lovely week and weekend – can anyone else not quite get over the fact that we’re reaching the end of April already? Crazy stuff! Hope you enjoy the links – here’s to another wonderful week. Take care!

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