Link Round-Up


♥ Last weekend I was at peak stress point, and that started fairly quickly to turn into apathy and fatigue… So it felt quite a timely to read when how to overcome burnout and and keep motivated!

♥ I’m pretty keen to have a go at making my own bath bombs!

♥ MisfitMakes have some adorable jewellery for sale – I particularly like this moth brooch and this beetle brooch!

♥ This folk horse art print by Mirdinara is gorgeous!




♥ I’ve decided to join The Bad Witch Workout on Monday! Exercise is definitely one of the things I’m struggling with at the moment – shift work does not help with regular anything..!

♥ I’m a little in love with the Late For Tea Dress!

This Yggdrasil pendant is so pretty.

♥ Who else wants to grow their own pineapple plant?

♥ West sent me this limoncello recipe recently… Um, yum!


Happy Sunday, folks! The past week has been a bit here, there and everywhere, and I was super happy to see the weekend roll around – it’s the first in the past few weeks that Jack and I have gotten to spend with each other! We’ve celebrated mostly with food… Today we’re baking a black forest gâteau and having a scrumptious lamb roast dinner. Yum!


Hope you’ve been having a rad October so far – it feels so odd that in eight days time it will be the last day of October. Whoah! 2016 really has been flying past. Anyway, take care lovelies!

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