Link Round-Up


How to pay attention; 20 ways to win the war against seeing. I both love the ideas of this article, and the stories behind them.

♥ It’s really quite hard to argue with Deb’s logic that we all need the perfect garlic bread recipe in our lives… So let’s just not, kay?

♥ I may be wrong… But I’m pretty certain that unikitty earrings are a thing I need in my life.

♥ This recipe for simple Friday night pizza looks right up my street!

Nasa Funahara makes art from washi tape, including recreating some famous paintings. So good!




Orange ricotta crepe cake+ candied orange slices?! Yes please!

♥ Isn’t this the most adorable blanket?!

♥ Some people are so very, very kind – instead of buying a yacht, this person is sending an entire kindergarten class to college.

This finger knit rope trivet DIY is super cute.

♥ Eclectic eccentricity make the most gorgeous jewellery. Obviously, the cat constellation necklace is one of my favourites..!

♥ I’m liking the look of this two ingredient wood butter. We’ve got two wooden chopping boards at the moment, and this would be perfect for conditioning them!


Happy Sunday, lovelies! A late post from me, as we’ve been busy having a part-working (I have an exam tomorrow, eep! Plus a bit of cleaning/tidying…) and part-relaxing (brunch at the lovely Temple Café, a relaxed grocery shop, pan-fried duck for dinner and a bottle of wine and movie between us). I’m super excited for this week, as I’m hoping to get the (first draft!) essay I’ve been working on done and dusted, and Jack and I drive to Cheshire on Thursday for the spring LAN party. Yahoo! Hope you’ve had a marvelous weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead. Take care!

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