Link Round-Up


♥ This is pretty great – understand consent with the help of stick figures and a cup of tea.

Swirled berry yoghurt popsicles sound delicious!

Carrie posted about the collaboration Oasis are doing with the V&A… And all of the pieces look absolutely stunning! Swoon! (I do love florals!)

♥ Alexandra Franzen wrote about how we shouldn’t be feeling guilty about the needs and requirements we need to meet before getting things done, and instead ensuring that we go through our necessary conditions for greatness… Whatever it takes. That sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?

♥ This bee-friendly tote bag is seriously cute.

♥ Russell the cat was burned in a house fire, and now he’s recovering at a pet rescue centre, whilst snuggling with the other animals at the centre. Aw!

♥ I may need to use this tulle circle skirt DIY at some point…

♥ Martin Tomsky makes some amazing relief pieces and jewellery. Isn’t this brooch fabulous?


Happy Sunday everybody! Hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend, and to all of you folks in the UK – hope you enjoy the bank holiday Monday tomorrow, too!


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