Link Round-Up


♥ I would love any of these beautiful designs on my walls! Lisa Congdon wallpaper patterns would make any room more cheery and gorgeous.

♥ This frozen hot chocolate looks divine.

♥ See also, Lindt Lindor Chocolate Mouse. Yuuuuum.

♥ I’ve always wanted a suspender skirt, and this one is definitely the cutest one I’ve seen.

Anatomy trays? Yes please!

♥ This rosemary focaccia bread looks absolutely delicious.

♥ I love this marble nail art by Caroline!

♥ I love The Sad Ghost Club, so I’m totally supporting this campaign.

♥ This strawberry and shallot salad sounds right up my alley.


Phew! This weekend was pretty busy, so this rainy Monday morning is bringing you the link round-up for the week. It’s absolutely chucking it down here in Essex, which I’m enjoying as I sit inside in the warm drinking my coffee… But am not looking forward to going out in shortly! Hope you’ve all had a marvellous weekend and are enjoying your Monday mornings. Take care lovelies!


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