Link Round-Up


♥ These double layer pumpkin brownie bars are making my mouth water. Ahh!

♥ Martin Millar posted an excerpt from his latest book on his blog this week, yay!

♥ I’m loving the simplicity of this eggs in a basket recipe. Yum!

Moosekleenex forever.

♥ This easy high bun tutorial looks perfect for when I’m working on placements.

Creamy pesto potato pizza sounds immense.

♥ Here’s a gif highlighting how awesome public transport is. I forget this sometimes!

Here’s a short story about privilege.

♥ Hillary Kerr wrote a list of 23 things she wished she’d known at 23, and it’s pretty good.


The last week of October is upon us! As I type this I can hear fireworks going off outside, and I spent a lot of yesterday admiring the bright red, orange and yellow leaves decorating the trees. Life feels pretty good for me right now – I hope it feels good for you, too!


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