Link Round-Up


Basil cheesecake with chocolate sauce has to be one of the most amazing sounding desserts in the world!

♥ This DIY pretzel pillow is adorable.

♥ I’ve been thinking about giving up face wipes for a while, and I think this post has officially persuaded me

Mango ginger fizz sounds delicious.

♥ Rebecca always has the prettiest hair tutorials – I think her simple waterfall half-twist looks lovely.

Kate Gabrielle’s shop is live and complete and awesome – so much goodness!

Questions to ask before giving up – yes.


Phew! Just a few links after a short perusal of loveliness the internet has been offering up this week – I’ve been on holiday with Jack in Devon for the past five days (which has been fabulous!), so I’ve not really caught up on everything that’s been going on. Hope you’ve all had a grand week and enjoy the links!

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