Link Round-Up


♥ I think this badger print by Stephanie Cole Design on Society 6 is gorgeous!

♥ Hilary Bird makes the loveliest art. I especially love her Twilight Fox and Campout prints.

♥ These chocolate butter fingers over on Wish Wish Wish look delicious.

♥ I always love Moosekleenex, but this image is totally beautiful. It makes me want to visit the sea!

♥ Do you think you could successfully complete a plastic free July?

♥ This mountains jewellery display is really, really pretty. It’d look perfect in my bedroom…

Coconut and lime pull-apart bread sounds immense. I want some.


Phew! It’s a Bank Holiday now in England, but alas, I’m off to work tonight. I’ve enjoyed a beautiful weekend with lots of lovely people, however, and I’ve had a very productive rest-up whilst back in Essex for a long weekend. Here’s to the last week of May..!


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