Link Round-Up


♥ Mmm, cinnamon rolls

♥ Cat vs human forever: cat lady’s soul mate.

♥ I’m liking the look of Rebecca’s list of six classic summer movies.

♥ Adorable enamel jackalope pins, anyone?

Find out what makes your soul feel good.

♥ I was trying to decide between two delicious looking recipes that Alice posted this week… But then I decided I should just link them both! First up, cherry frangipane tart (DROOL! Cherries and frangipane are both in my list of favourite food items!) and next, creamy beet hummus (which I think may well be transforming my lunch options!). Mmm!




Such beautiful rings!

♥ As I’m an avid ethical clothing shopper, I found this post on ethical bedding, etc, a really interesting read.

♥ You guys! Isn’t this bulbasaur planter too awesome?!

Solstickan, is a Swedish charity foundation which produces the most well-known matches in Swedish… They make some really lovely items with the matchbox art work (by Einar Neman). I think this tin is lovely, and (a weird thing to link, but hey-ho!) this fire extinguisher is without a doubt, the prettiest fire extinguisher I’ve ever laid my eyes on!

Watermelon salad with feta and celery? Yum!

♥I’m always interested in reading about The Farm in Tennessee, so this article was a good read!


Happy Sunday guys! We’ve had a pretty ace weekend, and I’m gearing up to going back to university tomorrow – not long until exams start in earnest (gulp!)… Hope you had a fab weekend too. Enjoy the links!

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