Link Round-Up


♥ These photos taken inside musical instruments are absolutely stunning. (Photos by the fabulous Mierswa Kluska .)

♥ I think this rocket to the moon brooch by rareindeed is adorable! I love a bunch of the rest of their items, including these gorgeous green beetle earrings..!

♥ This cookie party sketch is the sweetest. Ahh!

♥ I’ve wanted to have a go at making soap for ages and this DIY on A Beautiful Mess has got me itching to do it! How delicious does Grapefruit, mint and poppyseed soap sound?!

A black spinel cat ring? Yes please!

♥ These data visualisations of the daily routines of famous creative people is absolutely fascinating. I particularly enjoyed looking at Mann, Darwin, Mozart and Beethoven’s!

♥ This week I received a sweet e-mail from Tiffany over at Crochet Me – they currently have some beautiful jewellery patterns available in a free e-book (click here to have a gander!). I’m particularly fond of the bead crochet rope necklace and bracelet (as Tiffany predicted I would be!).


It’s been another fun-packed, utterly manic week, for me! I’ve been making some big plans which I’m hoping to reveal this summer (!), but they’ve required a bit of a gamble on my part, so they’re very much not set-in-stone… Any fingers you can keep crossed for me will be greatly appreciated! Hope that you’ve had a marvellous week and are looking forward to seeing May on Thursday (May! On Thursday! Can you believe it?!).


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