Link Round-Up


♥ I’m eager to have a go at baking some bread soon, and I think this oat and wheat sandwich bread would be a good place to start!

♥ Glittery rain boots?! Be still my beating heart!

♥ Rachel wrote about supporting women’s instinctive pushing behaviour during birth, which was a fascinating read for me as I start on my journey into midwifery.

Salted caramel fondue sounds like a pretty fantastic idea.

How to make a $1500 sandwich – an interesting video exploring how we take the convenience of food and food stores for granted.

Kasasagi makes the most beautiful recycled paper sculptures. I love these honey bees!


Happy Sunday lovelies! How did we get to the end of the week so soon?! I’ve had an extremely tiring first week at university, but I can’t wait to truly get stuck in as my first week of “real” lectures start this week. Hope you’re all enjoying the small bursts of September sunshine that have been appearing this week..! Take care – hope you’re looking forward to greeting October as much as I am!


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