Link Round-Up


Egg nog martini? Don’t mind if I do!

♥ I enjoyed Yasmin’s illustration of Christmas presents from her cat

Brine Sea Dry Goods makes some amazing sounding sugars and salts. Want.

♥ I’ve never seen a lip gloss with real flowers inside!

♥ I’d like to work through the 100 best tracks of 2015, and the best films of 2015 at some point.

♥ These cheese crackers look delicious!

♥ This DIY acrylic calendar is really tempting as a new DIY for our flat… Not sure if it might be too big, though!

Lumberjack cake!


Hey folks! Hope you’ve been enjoying a relaxing Christmas weekend, whatever you’ve been up to. I’ve been lucky enough to see Jack, lots of my family and his, so I’m feeling pretty content right now. Take care, lovelies!

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