Link Round-Up


Alice’s simple radicchio pizza with egg looks like so many kinds of delicious! (And thumbs up for the Gilmore Girls quote, obviously!)

♥ Lisa Congdon has this beautiful new print available in her shop. It’s a quotation by William Faulkner, and is from her new book The Joy of Swimming. So lovely!

♥ Cookies are forever something I fancy nibbling on, and these chocolate no-grains no-bake cookies look pretty perfect for less-guilty snacking!

♥ This upbeat writing from Esme is a good way to remember not to lose sight of what we’re all achieving on a daily basis; you are not lazy.

Everyday meatballs. Mmm…

♥ Mariell is my new girl crush, and I really enjoyed reading her lovely post on tips for getting through the first trimester.

♥ Suomen Kerta is launching a new range of Moomin products, and they look lovely! That apron looks wonderful!

Paint like there’s nobody watching (or buying). (“Autotelic” is a pretty amazing word!)

♥ Anybody else thinking that olive and chicken sausage pasta sounds absolutely delicious?!

Why am I a midwife? And other important questions.


Happy Sunday, friends. This week has been another tiring one, with night shifts a’plenty and a whirlwind of emotions. Whatever you’re going through or feeling this week, please be kind to yourself and take care of the ones you love.

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