Link Round-Up


♥ Melissa posted photos of the swimsuit that she has sewn for herself (!) – swoon! It’s so pretty, and I’m very jealous… I must get back to trying to sew some clothes for myself!

♥ These BE YOU t-shirts by Lisa Congdon are so cute!

♥ Elsie shared her favourite homemade cocktail/mocktail, and it looks delicious!

♥ I’m loving how pretty this easy twist ponytail looks!

♥ This lemon tart recipe looks gorgeous! (Via Oranges and Apples.)

♥ I think that these crunchy, cheesy asparagus sticks look absolutely marvelous. Yum!


Lots of yummy things to look at this week! After the success of the prinsesstårta that Caroline and I created this week (!) I’m quite keen to get some more baking and cooking done. That said, the past week has been a little hectic, and the week coming looks to be pretty hectic too..! Perhaps mid-July will be good for baking. Hope you’ve all had a grand week!


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