Link Round-Up


If I had this stamp, I could put weevils on everything! Imagine that!

♥ I couldn’t not feature this fabulous Kimono Tutorial that I used to make my very own kimono this week – it’s really simple (and I love my new kimono!).

♥ Sometimes cocktails look really complicated, and for times when you don’t fancy all the hassle, A Beautiful Mess has helped out with Two Easy Party Cocktails. Yum!

♥ I’ve linked to Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel before, but now he’s back with Underwater Puppies (!!) – d’aw!

♥ Alice’s creamy broccoli soup and semolina dumplings sounds and looks delicious! When it gets a wee bit colder, I’m definitely having a go.

♥ I love the idea of subscription boxes, so I think Tea Box Express sounds wonderful! Unfortunately, they only ship to the US… Sad face!


This week has been long and strange, but I’ve been able to catch-up with a few people I’ve been really missing, which has been grand! I hope you’ve all been having a great week – enjoy the links!


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