Link Round-Up


♥ This homemade chocolate liqueur looks absolutely delicious!

♥ Not to mention this gorgeous looking Peppermint Coconut Cocktail, yum!

♥ Tiny Ruins’ “Me At The Museum, You In The Winter Gardens” is beautiful.

♥ This Frida Kahlo brooch is so sweet!

♥ Alex Franzen wrote about kindness this week – as always, she’s right.

♥ I wasn’t planning on making this an entirely cocktail-inspired post, but I couldn’t not mention the Fairytale of New York cocktail that I spied recently, too!

♥ Bybeep has the most fabulous jewellery – I’m loving the house necklace, fox necklace and accordion necklace. Swoon!

♥ I really enjoyed reading about the insects that made Christmas!


Phew! Hope you enjoy these links – I’m hoping I can put aside some quality cocktail-making time when the New Year swings around (I’ve been working every day so far this Christmas, so I’ve not really had time for cocktails!), more than that, I hope you’ve been enjoying a lovely week of good company and cheer, and are gearing up to greet 2015..!


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