Link Round-Up


♥ For an adorable hallowe’en look no further than these DIY felt animal masks. D’aw!

♥ Louise and Mariell both wrote posts about anxiety this week: my anxiety is my anxiety and on anxiety in pregnancy and after, respectively. As anxiety has been a big part of my day-to-day lately, it felt calming to read about other people’s anxiety – and reassuring to see people writing about mental health issues!

♥ I made this lamb curry with leftover lamb this week, and it was one of my favourite dishes in a long time! It’s definitely about to become my go-to for lamb leftovers…

♥ My mum linked me to a gorgeous book-print dress a few weeks ago that had sold-out, and since then I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for book-themed clothes… This week I found this gorgeous dress – swoon!




I want galaxy nails! Maybe when I’ve finished placement…

♥ I love a good horror movie, whether Hallowe’en is coming up or not! As I’ve not seen all of these, I think I know what some of our evenings this week may entail!

Brit + Co have some amazing online classes going on and a couple of them are free right now! They have something for everyone, so check them out..!

50 tips to survive the winter from Sandra. I need these – I can already feel SAD creeping up, boo! I think no. 16 should become a reality for us this year (mmm, homemade pasta). Anyone struggling with the Swedish, just click on the “translate” button at the top!

♥ D’aw, you guys – hallowe’en pizzas!


Happy Sunday, friends! I finished my last shift of the week and I’m back in lectures at university as of tomorrow… I wish I had a day or so to let things calm down, but never mind. Hope you enjoy the links and have had a marvelous weekend – take care of yourselves!


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