Link Round-Up


♥ Now that Christmas isn’t far away, I don’t feel too guilty linking to this gorgeous crochet Christmas light garland!

♥ I think that this jumper is gorgeous, now if only I could knit that well…

♥ A flared dress, with a cat print, that comes in turquoise..?! I think this dress may have been made for me!

♥ I’m in love with Anne Tranholm’s jewellery – it’s all so gorgeous! I particular love this pair of geometric kite earrings, ahh!

♥ I’m pretty tempted to DIY my own cat-a-fore dress

♥ Becca Stadtlander’s art work is really beautiful! I love kite flying and black horse – so sweet!

♥ I’m enjoying the totes at Tea Please, especially the Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History one.


Whooosh, another week has flown by! I’ve been invited to two interviews in the past week, done two of my diploma workbooks, and of course been workingworkingworking. I’ve also been trying to do 365s that I feel more enthusiastic about… I’m feeling pretty pleased for the most part. But, you guys – I can’t believe that it’s December tomorrow! Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and are looking forward to the onslaught of winter and seasonal cheer..!


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