Link Round-Up


Doggies’ before and after haircuts… D’AW!

51 of the most beautiful sentences in literature. (39!)

♥ I wish I could fit my SLR in cute purses without worrying about it staying in one piece… Isn’t this camera bag the cutest?

♥ Alice’s plum berry coconut crisp looks absolutely delicious.

♥ Laura made the cutest half-up braids hairstyle! I think I’ll have to grow my hair out a little to have a go myself, though…




Strawberries and champagne galette with chocolate crust, anyone? Or maybe a flourless chocolate cake?

♥ I think that this wrapping paper is really quite pretty!

♥ I’m pretty darn impressed with the idea of THINX, especially the environmental impacts of using them. Awesome!

♥ Obviously this should be the necklace of the moment.

♥ This mug featuring different types of cloud is too adorable.


So, here I go again with exclaiming about time running past me faster and faster… Today Jack cycled 100 miles for Prudential Ride London (!) and I got to go and cheer him on at the finish line! We’re back home and pretty tired now, though (moreso him than me, of course!), so I’ll check back in with you guys in August… (AKA tomorrow, ha!) Take care of yourselves, folks!


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