Link Round-Up


♥ I adore this Bohemian Festival Knot Braid – so cute!

♥ Carrie recently posted about body image and well-being. It’s really great to read what she has written about her own feelings towards being healthy and happy. Hear, hear!

♥ These DIY Animal Accessory Jars are really sweet.

This “Happy” necklace is lovely, I love the colour, and having the word happy around your neck would be bound to get the wearer smiling!

♥ I know that Barnabee and Squirrel will sleep wherever they please, rather than in designated sleeping places… But how gorgeous is this pet bed created by Joshua over at A Beautiful Mess?! I adore it!

♥ The Artemis Pin by Almanac for June is gorgeous.

♥ I’m a big fan of chai tea, so I think that frozen almond spiced chai sounds delicious.


Happy Sunday you lovely people! Let’s not question how today is already the last day of August (!) but start saying hello to September instead – I have a feeling that it’s going to be a wonderful month!


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