Link Round-Up


Rubber stamping secret messages inside clothing sounds like a grand idea!

♥ These summery bobby pins are too sweet.

♥ I’m pretty much in love with everything on Yvonne Ellen’s site, but the Flamingo Cake Plate is probably my favourite.

♥ This tutorial by 500px shares 21 Tips for Taking Incredible Cat Photos – even if you aren’t a photographer, it’s well-worth having a look at all of the adorable cat photos!

♥ The Don Fisher Shop has made my week. Gorgeous fish bags, photographed on “ice crates”, which when un-zipped look like fish spines?! Ahh! 

♥ I really like this series by Dacian Groza, called “Leftovers”.

♥ Anybody fancy making a Mini Horse Bookshelf? Me too!


Yet another lovely week! My day so far has involved redcurrants, Payday 2 and Belle & Sebastian (a mighty fine way to spend a Sunday, if you ask me!). Hope you’re having a good one, too.


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