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This is a small move away from my Things I Love Thursday lists & I’ve been enjoying making notes on all of the things I’ve been enjoying lately! Do you have any recommendations of things I should try? I don’t mind if it’s cake, music, yoga or chess, I want to hear about what you’re in love with right now!



  • Fleetwood Mac (especially “Dreams”).
  • Montt Mardié
  • Richard Thompson (“1952 Vincent Black Lightening”, be still my beating heart!)





  • Joel is a constantly creative and amazing individual, and I adore all of his photography. I particularly loved one of his recent images called “Eyes on the Sky”. So good.
  • Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free is one of my favourite television shows at the moment. All of the designers and artists are amazingly creative and inspiring. Some of the items produced are entirely bizarre, but for the most part I love what they create!
  • My wonderful brother has been involved in the creation of eMonocot, and I really enjoyed watching this video about the creation of eMonocot and the taxonomic revolution – Beyond the Gardens: The Future of Taxonomy.



  • Knitting tiny clothes for the premature babies at Whitechapel Hospital.
  • Swimming! This isn’t really a purely hand-based activity of course, but it fits here best. I’ve been trying to go swimming at least once a week, and I’ve been really enjoying it. Hurrah!
  • Sewing! Both hand-sewing and machine-sewing. I finally made the cushion I’ve been working on for the past few months, and am trying to think up some new ideas!





  • Girl Summit. This is such an important movement, and it’s fantastic that people are taking such a united stand against both FGM and CEFM.
  • Notes from the Universe. I used to receive these years ago, but between switching e-mail addresses I stopped receiving them. I signed-up again about a month or two ago, and they’re as fantastic as I remember them being. The website is ridiculously cheesy, but believe me when I say they’re a brilliant pick-me-up!
  • Quilts are in my brain big-time! I’ve been enjoying being more crafty lately, so I’ve been trying to get a little bit more creative with the things that I’ve been creating… And it’s been great fun! Pinterest is a fabulous place to see gorgeous things and get the creative juices whirring.



  • Iced redcurrant meringue cake. Yum!
  • Clafoutis. I recently linked to this Gooseberry Clafoutis Recipe over at Moral Fibres, and then on that very day I tried out the recipe with the gooseberry cross we have growing in our garden (I believe it’s called a Jostaberry, but I may be wrong!). I’ve never had clafoutis before, but I will be having it again, as it’s delicious!
  • Homemade redcurrant rum… ‘Nuff said!




So there you have it, lots of things I’m doing and enjoying right now! What are you loving at the moment?


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