The last Monday of September 2018.


Good morning lovelies!


It’s nearly 1300, and Arthur is conked in his pram, which is neatly parked in the kitchen. This is very unusual, because a one-person carry of Arthur and his pram (and any other paraphernalia) up the outside stairs and into our flat is practically impossible, but somehow, I actually managed it today. It’s pretty ridiculous how much of a huge difference this will make to our combined day – he’s actually having a “proper” nap, rather than a 15 minute stint; I have managed to quickly get a few things done that are super-difficult to achieve when he is awake – especially the fact that I am sitting at my computer, in the daytime, and feel quite relaxed about it.


Anyway, I thought I would take the opportunity to type out a miniature life update while I had the opportunity, as they seldom present themselves these days!


September has been really eventful for us – we celebrated our first wedding anniversary (gosh, that came around fast!) and we’ve pretty much gotten into the swing of being a two-parent-working household. Arthur is a-okay (in fact, pretty overjoyed) with spending half of his Monday-Friday with my folks, we’re feeling a little bit more relaxed in terms of money-flow, and whilst I would rather be at home with Arthur than at work… I am enjoying my new job so much more than I imagine I would being a midwife (at least, being a midwife in the current political climate, in the NHS, working the hours I would need to in order to earn what I am earning in my current job, etc, etc – I want to write more about this subject at some point!). So I’m counting my blessings, and feeling grateful for the support of my folks looking after Arthur, because otherwise we really wouldn’t be able to be in the position we are now.


Life is pretty darned wonderful right now – Jack is enjoying his new job, I’m enjoying mine, and because both of them aren’t too far away, our commute time is low and the time we get to spend with Arthur is high. I love seeing Arthur’s face light up when Jack gets home from work, it genuinely makes my heart melt.


In other news, I’m nearly up-to-date on Flickr, I’ve made a few sales in my Etsy shop (one of which I went to post this morning, but our local post office is shut, boo!), I have more Etsy plans on the horizon (ooh-err!) and I’m feeling pretty chuffed with my website make-over. Oh, and, Arthur is learning and changing so quickly right now, it’s honestly astounding.


On that note, I hear a rattle being rattled – time to give somebody their lunch! Take care, friends!

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