October – Phone Photos


I’ve been trying to use the camera on my phone on the odd occasion. I’m only shooting things which capture my fancy or I want to record for the memories – these are my favourite shots from the past month!




Above: My gorgeous Barnabee, sleeping in the way that only cats can!
Below: Sweet and sour, being cooked from scratch by me! Whoah.






Above: The mister and I went to The Goose Fair in Nottingham. Yay for fairgrounds!
Below: You shall not pass! The cat at one of my assignments, guarding the stairs in his quasi-sleep.




Today has featured some mega-stress in the shape of tax and HMRC. I’m pleased that it’s the evening and I’m hopeful that I’ll be having a lay-in tomorrow (lay-ins are never definite when I’m on assignment!). Hope you’ve had a grand week; the weekend starts here!


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