Pancakes and radio silence.


Good afternoon, friends! I’m dropping in to excuse myself from the radio silence these past few days; last week was busy, tiring, a bundle of sad emotions and basically, a bit of a struggle.
I intended on posting a link round-up yesterday, but as of this second, I still haven’t even started the post… So, I’ve decided to post-pone until Sunday! Thankfully, I’ve nearly finished putting together all of my photos from #brilliantphotoaday for February – with any luck, a post will be up tomorrow.


As for the rest of today, I’m going to try to get a few more words typed in my essay, get some laundry done, shoot my last photos for February 2017 (!), tidy the kitchen and then when Jack gets home tonight, I plan to stuff both of us full of pancakes. Hope you get your hands on some pancakes, too (if you’re so inclined – if not, I hope you have something just as yummy!). Take care folks!

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