Hello lovelies! My PC has been feeling under the weather since we returned from Rob and Lauren’s on Sunday (a little knock during traveling, no doubt). When I realised it was going to take a little longer to get things fixed, I decided I’d try to post a little more regularly over on Instagram – so pop there if you feel like you’re missing out! Posts here and on Flickr will be pausing until it’s sorted, which is probably just as well, as I have an exam on Friday I should be revising for…


Since 2017 burst forth, there haven’t been many changes for me so far, but the few so far: I’ve decided to keep a personal list of daily happiness (1 item per day) to look back on, I’ve been participating in Kate’s daily Instagram #BrilliantPhotoADay challenge (though I’ve only posted one of my photos so far!) and we’ve used our brand-spanking-new pressure cooker for the very first time!


I have pretty high hopes for 2017, so I’m feeling determined to stay positive! And on that note, I better go and get some more revision done. Take care of yourselves, folks!

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