The Peacock in Holland Park


About three weeks ago, I met up with my friend Caroline in her new stomping ground – West Kensington. She took me to the beautiful Holland Park for lunch, and we spent a few hours admiring the tulips and the peacocks…






Whilst we were waiting on a park bench, looking at a very handsome peacock, we were lucky to see the arrival of a peahen… And of course, the peacock began strutting his stuff!






The peahen mostly hid in the tulips away from the peacock, but occasionally jumped out and tried to go somewhere else. At this point the peacock would make all of his gorgeous feathers vibrate, and then the peahen would hop back into the tulips again…








Thank you to the lovely Caroline for showing me a new, beautiful place, and thank you to the lovely peacock and peahen for putting on such a gorgeous display for us!


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