Photo an Hour: May 4th, 2014


I shot my photo an hour post for May rather early on in the month, whilst I was dancing at Rochester Sweeps Festival! I wish I’d taken some more photos later on in the evening, but I wasn’t keen on taking my heavy camera bag around with me, so nevermind!


10am – A bit of a slow start! Getting ready at the campsite before wandering down to the highstreet. This is the latest reincarnation of my hat…



11am – Hertfordshire Holly dancing in the highstreet as we found our way to our first spot of the day.



Matt doing a spot of melodion-meditation…



12pm – Midday seems like the best time to start with the ale. Here’s Sarah modelling how it’s done properly…



It’s not obligatory to match your nail varnish to your morris kit, but it definitely helps!



The mister enjoying some ale, and laughing at Sarah and I prancing about!



1pm – Time for more ale!



2pm – Mass-lunch time for our side. We went to the castle gardens and sat in the sunshine. Ahh!



3pm – Time for a bit more dancing! This time we danced with Westrefelda…



… And Cockleshell Clog!



4pm – Still dancing!



Not to mention playing!



5pm – We stopped off in George Vaults for a refreshing drink, and then called it a day for dancing.



6pm – Pub change! Sarah and I grabbed dinner on the way to The Man of Kent, then had a few pints before heading back to the campsite, before heading back into town for some more shenanigans…



And that’s where the photos end – phew!


Hope you enjoyed this look into the life of me… This is what a day of morris dancing looks like if you’re me! My plans of snapping another day this month haven’t succeeded, but I think one lot of hourly photos a month is probably enough (!) and June is just around the corner, so I’m sure my next photo an hour post will be going up soon!


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