Photo an Hour: 5th April, 2017


For the entirety of the first week of April we had the pleasure of living on a canal boat (!) with some of our favourite folks. It was exactly what the doctor ordered after the manic first few months of 2017 – there’s nothing quite like relaxing on the roof of a canal boat, reading a book and listening to the birds twitter in the trees and the sway of the water as you glide along…

7am – Just about awake, still in our funny, little bed (kitchen sofa which converted into a double bed through a magical process involving metal legs and the kitchen table!) and gearing up for the day ahead!


8am – A delicious breakfast of pastries, courtesy of the lovely Luke who bought them on the way back from his run in the morning, and coffee. Yum!


9am – Part of our time on the canal boat was obviously spent playing board games… And one of the games we played (a lot!) was Pandemic Legacy. If you’re planning on playing it yourself, please squint a little at the pictures where we’re playing a board game for the rest of this post! (There are no out-and-out spoilers, but if you look intently at the photos you’ll start to see bits and pieces that aren’t in the original!)

10am – Time for another round of coffee, freshly ground and brewed in our V60, omnomnom!

11am – Finishing off a round of Pandemic Legacy…


12am – Earning our keep by working through some locks!


1pm – Sitting at the front of the boat and watching the world go by for a little…


2pm – … Before another round of Pandemic Legacy!


3pm – Next up Jack took control of steering the boat and helped by trying not to get in the way too much. I spotted this pretty canal jug on our way past and had to snap a photo. So colourful!


4pm – Lock time!


5pm – Lovely Jack, still in the driving seat!


6pm – We stopped off just before some locks to fill up with water and I took the opportunity to snap my 365 for the day. It took a while because I was intent on getting this star headband in the photo for Kate’s #brilliantphotoaday… And I wanted to get something canal boat-y in it too. Alas!


7pm – Not long after, we were treated to the prettiest sunset!


8pm – We parked up and then walked to a nearby pub for a scrumptious dinner. We started off with bread and dipping oil. We then moved on to the entirety of the rest of the menu between us. Yum!


9pm – A few courses later and our bellies were bursting! Jack and I poddled around the pub a little (so pretty!) and attempted darts. The first one I threw was pretty darned awesome, and then the rest I threw on the floor/in the direction of the wall – I don’t think it’s quite my sport. Ha.


10pm – Back on the boat for one more round of Pandemic Legacy before bed!


I’m hoping to post some more canal boat holiday photos, but time is pretty short right now – I’m on placement and revising for my OSCEs that are coming up over the next month. Anyway, hopefully I’ll share a few more photos soon! As always, hope you enjoyed this peek at my day and if you fancy looking at previous photo an hour posts just click here or follow the tags at the top of this post. Take care folks!


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