Photo an Hour: 6th April, 2016


Phew! This post has been a long time coming – I was trying to get up-to-date on weekly photo posts before throwing this one up. So, here it finally is! (Indeed, after I’ve already taken my photo an hour for May..!) Jack had the week off of work (and I had a bit of time off of uni), so we decided to have a day trip to Canterbury. Here goes…


6am – An early rise! The cats tend to wake us up around this time anyhoo, so I fell out of bed, fed them their breakfast and admired the sun rise!



7am – We threw clothes on, filled the coffee flask and jumped in the car. Here we are, well on our way, on the A127!



8am – Very nearly there!



9am – Breakfast time! We paid a visit to Kitch, and everything was perfect. Yum!



10am – The rain started pouring as we started making our way towards the cathedral… We decided to duck into another coffee shop after I snapped this photo (you can see the droplets of rain!)…



11am – … After the interlude in the coffee shop, we decided to give the cathedral a miss (!) and instead we had a look at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge!



12pm – The rain started up again, and then started belting it down good and proper… So we decided to dash back to the car and go elsewhere. In the end we made it to JoJo’s for a spot of lunch!




1pm – After lunch, we had a wander along the beach – the weather had cleared up a little by this point!



2pm – We ended our walk by collecting a few shells and some beach glass, then jumped back in the car.



3pm – Driving back to Essex!



4pm – We dropped home and picked up Jack’s new bike to take it to our local bike shop for a bit of TLC. I oogled the shiny new bikes, in the meantime…



5pm – We ran a few errands in Leigh, then headed back home…



6pm – Time to make a start on dinner!



7pmZesty lamb and bean stew. Omnomnom.



8pm – Kitty cuddles o’clock!

DSC_2348 DSC_2377


9pm – … Followed by champagne time!



10pm – We played a few PC games with our champagne.



11pm – And then to end the day? Cake (from JoJo’s!), kitty cuddles and a bit of television. Ahh.



There you have it, a rainy Wednesday in April… Such a lovely day, nonetheless! Hope you’re having a lovely day, whatever you’re up to. Take care!


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