Photo an Hour: 7th May, 2016


It feels crazy how much time is flying by for me right now – it feels like the day I took these photos was yesterday, whereas in actual fact it was two weeks ago tomorrow! The day was spent relaxing at home mostly, but also saw a trip to B&Q and Waitrose (with poor Jack leading me along like a bit of a lost lamb, as I was feeling quite rough!) and our very first BBQ on our roof terrace. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we had a grand time in the sunshine… We even managed to fit a catflap for Barns and Ginger!


8am – An early start! We headed over to B&Q nice and early to try and miss the crowds.



9am – After buying our new jigsaw, BBQ and a table and chairs (yay!), we headed over to Waitrose for a spot of grocery shopping.


DSC_4593 DSC_4606

10am – Back home, we achieved coffee and breakfast, and then we put our new table and chairs up and had a little rest as the kitties came out and played in the sunshine…



11am – Then promptly started enjoying the new chairs!



12pm – Next, we headed down the road to our local butcher to pick up some BBQ meat. On the way back we popped into one of the charity shops, and I bought this new top. Hurrah!



1pm – A spot of lunch and a kitty fuss!



2pm – Time to put the BBQ together!



3pm – Next up – trying out our new jigsaw on our front door…



4pm – Cat-flap nearly achieved…



5pm – After a bit of mess… One hole for a cat-flap, and a cat-flap fitted! Here you can see Barns, patiently waiting to escape and explore the world…



6pm – Jack watching Ginger explore, and Barns having returned from exploring, decided to sprawl about on the roof terrace quite happily.



7pm – Gin o’clock! And time to put the BBQ on…



8pm – Our first BBQ!



9pm – Time for a few games…



10pm – Around this point, we decided to make a phenomenal 90s pop playlist on Spotify… It’s certainly something.



11pm – A very tired, silly photo. This was the first one out of a bad bunch… Whoop!


Ta-da! One lovely, sunny Saturday. (And even a few double-shot hours for you!)


Hope you’ve had a lovely Friday so far, and you’re looking forward to a lovely weekend, too. Take care, folks!

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