Photo an Hour: November 7th, 2015


My penultimate photo an hour a post for 2015 (!!) – I can’t believe that this year is close to finishing! Anyway, here’s a lovely (despite being rather rainy!) Saturday spent with Jack, featuring delicious food, cocktails, London, fireworks, squirrels and beer. Whoop whoop!


9am – A friendly wake-up call from Ginger!



10am – Jack drove us to pick up some tickets and forage for breakfast…



11am – Breakfast achieved! It was really, really good. Yum!



12pm – Continuing our car journey into London, and spotted this statue (and two others, either side) out of the window. Contrasts, much?



1pm – Lunch and cocktails at Granger & Co.!



2pm – The most adorable graffiti.



3pm – We got doughnuts (St John!) and coffee from the fabulous Workshop Coffee, then poddled over to the church garden to sit on a bench and devour them… We also said hi to some extremely friendly squirrels!

DSC_2184 DSC_2186


4pm – We headed over to BottleDog to stock up on some delicious beer, before driving back to Jack’s.



5pm – Got back and had some quick cuddles with Ginger, before driving to Wimbledon…



6pm – A pint each in the Fox & Grapes.



7pm – And then over to KCS for the fireworks display! Cue hot dogs and some very well-received tea…



8pm – Fireworks!



9pm – The long journey back to Essex. I decided to experiment with some light mess photos, à la Bobby Burgess. I miss experimenting with photography – I should get back to it!



10pm – Our beer haul line-up from BottleDog!



11pm – Pajamas, beer, Netflix. Winning.

DSC_2633 DSC_2637


Such a lovely day! Hope you enjoyed a peek into what we got up to – if you fancy checking out previous photo an hour posts, just click here!


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