Photo an Hour: August 9th, 2014


August’s photo an hour post was taken early on in the month, at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention. As it’s one of my favourite events of the year, it seemed fitting to record my comings and goings for the day!


8am – Waking up in my favourite campsite, a bit bleary-eyed but feeling chipper. Lots of people have poles with flags/lights/kites attached to make finding their tent easier.



9am – Omnomnom! Wandering into the village to have breakfast at the cricket club – black coffee and a bun full of all of the yummy things. Ahhh.



10am – A little wander around the village, before walking back along the canal path.



11am – The arena field opens at 11, and like many on the field I have strict priorities – visiting the friendly chaps at the 6x bar is the first thing on my agenda!



12pm – Richard Digance always opens on Saturday morning at Cropredy, and I think he’s brilliant.



1pm – The annual crazy dancing that ends Richard Digence’s set… He really is the best.



2pm – Enjoying the music, drinking some Cropredy Hop (or was it Fairport Five? I’m not sure!) and doing a bit of knitting.



3pm – Polishing off one of the cartons of ale and anticipating the arrival of the Treetop Flyers on stage… (Also, eyeing the sky suspiciously, because it was beginning to look rather grey and sad!)



4pm – The end of the Treetop Flyers’ set. They were brilliant!



5pm – Pulled pork for dinner. Omnom! Also the start of Cara Dillon’s set, so as soon as I’d finished gobbling, it was time to go up the front to snap a few photos of her…



6pm – The lovely Cara Dillon! She performed all of my favourites, so I was dead chuffed. And isn’t her dress gorgeous?!



7pm – The rain began to chuck it down in earnest, and the entire field shuffled into rain macs and produced umbrellas…



8pm – Marillion! Despite the rain (!) I enjoyed their set immensely.



9pm – Al Stewart! His set was fabulous too – it was amazing to hear Year of the Cat live. Ahh!



10pm – Fairport Convention! Squee! Please see this post for more photos of their set…



11pm – Again, the fabulous Fairport Convention, and a lot of their adoring fans!



12amMeet on the Ledge! I look forward to this particular moment every year – it’s perfect.



… Cue the long but happy trudge through the mud, back to the tents and campervans. Ahh.


Hope you enjoyed that look into a day at my favourite festival! If you fancy learning a bit more about Fairport’s Cropredy Convention, have a look at this page on Fairport Convention’s website. As it’s already September, I need to get a shimmy on with picking another day for a Photo an Hour post! If you fancy looking at any other Photo an Hour posts, please click on one of the tags at the top of this one.


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