Photo an Hour: September 12th, 2015


Yet another lovely day! These photos were taken on a Saturday we spent in Bristol – it was sunny, Bristol was fabulous, we found lots of lovely places and we had a marvelous day. Huzzah!

9am – Coffee and breakfast! Jack bought me a V60 the day before (thank youuuu!) so we used it for the first time on that morning. I’m pleased to report that it’s great!



10am – We bummed about in our airbnb for a while, playing some games and relaxing before getting ready for the rest of the day…



11am – There was some lovely countryside around the airbnb we were staying at, so we had a wee wander about before heading into Bristol for the day. Here’s Jack at the cute river that was practically on our doorstep!



12pm – We did a little spot of shopping, and Jack bought this beautiful shirt (I want to steal it!).



1pm – Coffee at Friska!



2pm – Beers and lunch at Vault Room Bar & Kitchen.



3pm – Coffee and perusal of books at Small St Espresso, which was very cosy and lovely! Also, the coffee was absolutely delicious. Yum!



4pm – The pretty St Mary Redcliffe, which was apparently described by Queen Elizabeth I as “the fairest, goodliest, and most famous parish church in England”! It was certainly pretty to look at as we meandered from Small St Espresso, towards the floating harbour…



5pm – Lovely Jack at the floating harbour! This was near The Glass Boat and the fabulous BrewDog…



6pm – Kongs of King Street! It was really quiet whilst we were there, but this place is ace. Old video games are free to play in the bar (plus ping pong!), and the beer selection if wide and wonderful. Also, the staff were really cheerful and knew their stuff! (RE they could recommend beer with ease!)



7pm – We walked past the Wills Memorial Building as the sun was setting, and I managed to get this one photo of it whilst the sun was still creeping over the skyline! A quick visit to wikipedia tells me that this is considered one of the last great Gothic buildings to be built in England. Very pretty it is, too!



8pm – You guys. This is The Love Inn. And I love it. Can you see how huge that burger is? I had recurring dreams about how amazing it was for a long time. It was fabulous. Also, this was genuinely such a happy place – the staff were dancing and laughing, and all of the people there seemed so happy to be there. I want to go back! Did I mention how amazing the burger was? Just look at it. Ahhhh.



9pm – Lovely Jack driving us back to our home-for-the-weekend. I think I was still talking about how great the burger was at this point. It really was an amazing burger.



10pm – Back home! We bought this fabulous keg from Zero Degrees earlier in our holiday, and I took advantage of the awesome chalkboard in the house for this photo! There were no beer glasses in the house, so we got to be jazzy for the weekend and drink our black lager from wine glasses. Sophistication of the highest degree.



11pm – Chocolate, black lager, a few episodes of Lie to Me… Evening sorted.



Hope you enjoyed that look into our day in Bristol! We had a wonderful weekend visiting both Bristol and Bath, and I took a whole bunch of photos throughout our stay. Hopefully I’ll manage some kind of review of some of the fabulous places that we got to visit, so keep your eyes peeled for that..! In the meantime, if you fancy taking a gander at past photo an hour posts, click on the tags at the top of this post – hope you’re having a happy Wednesday!


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