Photo an Hour: 12th September, 2017


When I took my rather lengthy break from blogging earlier this year, I also ceased my photo an hour projects. I attempted a photo an hour at Caroline & Nori’s wedding, realised how difficult that was to achieve in the first trimester and decided to be kind to myself! When our “secret” wedding rolled around in September, I decided to do a low-key photo an hour to help me remember bits of the day that our wonderful photographer Sassy, wasn’t around for. Here goes…


10am – Admittedly, we weren’t up much earlier than this if I’m honest! Ha. Here are Jack’s cufflinks – I put out a bunch of things he would need to pack as he was getting ready at his folks’ BnB on the day.


11am – Off to BelleRose Flower Boutique to have my bouquet made!


12am – At the hairdresser’s getting my hair styled for the day…


1pm – Back at the flat with ma and dadd, we pogged some sandwiches quickly and then I tried to get ready as quick as I could manage..! (Which it turns out, isn’t that quickly, ha!)


2pm – Just ready to leave and drive to the register office. Ah!


3pm – Officially married! Both of these were taken by Laurence.



4pm – My gorgeous bouquet! Taken between family shots at Southend sea front, before Jack, myself and Sassy took ourselves to the arcades and then back to the sea front for some more couple-y photos.


5pm – Sassy taking photographs of my lovely husband (!) which is slowly feeling like a “normal” thing to say. Just after this we all got a bit soaked by the sea, though Sassy definitely got the most soaked of the three of us!


6pm – My crazy, crazy wedding shoes. How awesome?! We popped over to Vino Vero in Leigh at this point where everyone else was having some wine and nibbles…


7pm – Then on to The Pipe of Port for our meal! Which Suki had done an amazing job of decorating for us…


8pm – So many lovely flowers and candles!


9pm – Our wedding cake was made by my lovely Nana! We got the cake topper from Silver Pasta on Etsy (and the wedding bunting topper not pictured here, from Peggie Lane on Etsy).


10pm – Cue some silliness with helium balloons, and lots of wine (for everyone else, ha!) later…


11pm – … Back home! And really quite ready for bed, to be honest!


Phew! We had a marvellous day and were pretty chuffed to be able to share it with our close family. It absolutely was perfect for us! Hope you enjoyed having a look at these snap shots of the day – if you fancy looking at previous photo an hour posts just click here or follow the tags at the top of this post. Take care lovelies!


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