Photo an Hour: June 13th, 2015


A photo an hour for June – very bicycle orientated! Here goes…


10am – A late start with a wake-up call from a lovely ginger kitty…



11am – We pootled to Jack’s favourite bicycle repair shop (The London Cycle Workshop) to ask them to take a look at his bike…



12pm – … Which was rather handily only a few shops away from Story Coffee (a lovely, lovely place!), where we had some delicious coffee and a yummy meal. Omnomnom!



1pm – We picked his bike up from the repair shop before going back to Jack’s so he could get changed into his bicycling gear, and then we went off to a fitting at Cadence.



2pm – At Cadence! Jack did lots of stretching and positioning and cycling, as well as being covered in those funny, little velcro-sticker-circles (for a 3D analysis!). Ooh-err.



3pm – Lovely Jack doing a spot of cycling after a few of the adjustments were made…



4pm – And then we had another cup of coffee in the cafe at Cadence, after the fitting was finished. Yum!



5pm – We popped back to the bicycle repair shop on our way home, and I found these beautiful flowers as we were making our way back. Pretty!



6pm – We made a start on making some dinner as soon as we got back – delicious pasta!



7pm – We wolfed it down whilst watching an episode of Once Upon a Time (eee!), and then marched along to the station to catch a train to go and visit Jack’s friend Bags in his new flat.



8pm – Arrived at Bags’ flat, with time for a quick selfie 365 in the lift.



9pm – After seeing the flat, we all went up to the roof garden of the flat and had a little poke about. There’s an amazing view from the roof, so it was great looking out over Croydon!



10pm – We sat down to watch a movie and then took a break for my 10 o’clock photo by dashing the stairwell to take a photo, before finishing the movie off afterwards.



11pm – Playing with my shutter speed whilst hanging out of the window in Bags’ living room. Lots of pretty light trails from the traffic down below! I don’t often play with shutter speed anymore, but I think I might have gotten an itch to, now…



We made a move home shortly after – got a train to Clapham, and then strolled back to Jack’s… A lovely day! Hope you enjoyed having a look at what we got up to – use the “photo an hour” tag at the top of the page to explore my other photo an hour posts from this year and before!


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