Photo an Hour: 13th October, 2016


Last Thursday I had a laid-back morning before jumping on a train to London to spend the day with West, shooting photos. It was a pretty awesome day – scroll through for the photos!


8am – Coffee time! I think you guys all know that, though…



9am – Both Barnabee and Ginger joined me in the office as I caught up on admin, but I couldn’t persuade them to get into a shot together. Boo!



10am – After a lazy morning, I got dressed around 10am. The first time wearing this skirt since late last year – I tend to think of it as an autumn/winter skirt.



11am – Packing up my camera equipment before walking to the train station…



12am – On the train, reading one of my current books – this is The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt, which I’m thoroughly enjoying! As always, I felt awkward taking the obligatory “photo on the train” when alone. Note the awesome bookmark from the NHM – designed by some of my favourite folks!



1pm – With West! We decided to have lunch (at Bodeans, yum!) before making a start on our photographic exploits for the day…



2pm – First subject? The Gherkin!



3pm – We wandered back to Tower Bridge (where we met just before 1pm!) and took a fair few photos there…



4pm – Onwards, over the bridge and towards St Paul’s…



5pm – Just before Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster, we stopped off for a pint and a sit down. Omnom!



6pm – Lovely Big Ben! Just as the light was starting to fade… We walked around the gardens at St Thomas’ Hospital for a little while, then decided to get some night-time shots of Big Ben from the other side of the Thames…



7pm – Big Ben by night! This is definitely one of my favourite shots of the day. West and I spent some time crouched on a traffic island, fiddling with shutter speeds and no doubt looking like nutters. Hurrah!



8pm – We called it a day at Big Ben and caught a tube to Liverpool Street…



9pm – … And then we walked to meet The Major of Scaredy Cat Town, who Jack and Suki were already visiting!



10pm – One more drink at The Alchemist before wandering back to Liverpool Street…



11pm – ♥ On the train home!


Phew! My pedometer was extremely happy with me on this day, as West and I walked far and wide. My feet were a little sore by the end of the day – not disimilar to how they feel after a thirteen hour shift, all told. Anyhoo, it was a pretty rad day all round and I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos! I might put up a few more of the photos we took around London soon…


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