Photo an Hour: November 14th, 2013


I’ve always loved looking at Kaylah’s “Photo An Hour” posts and have been meaning to do one for a long time – I finally did my first one yesterday!


9am – The best mornings always start with a cup of tea! And you certainly can’t beat having tea in an adorable mug. This one is a gift from Caroline and is by Diana Parkhouse.



10am – Paul picked me up and we drove to Lakeside…



11am – … For a cup of coffee (him) and a cup of tea (me)!

11.00b 11.30


12pm – Wrapping Christmas presents with the help of the little mister! I was also watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, pt 2…

12.30b 12.30


1pm – I had a spot of lunch whilst watching the rest of the movie! Mmm, peanut butter on toast…



2pm – I had a wee wander around the garden snapping bits and bobs. Since I’ve been back I’ve been trying to make use of my 50mm – it’s my favourite lens but I find it difficult to use in some situations, so I have a habit of neglecting it. I’ve fallen back in love with it this week, for sure!

14.30 14.30b


3pm – Quality time with the little mister!



4pm – Starting on my massive wardrobe clear-out… Eep!



5pm – I took a break from sorting clothes to start on archiving photos and editing photos…



6pm – A little break between editing and sorting my clothes out. Cuddling Barns, general cuddling, and a snap of the earrings I wore that day. Malin made them, aren’t they gorgeous?! They’re actually made from liquorice. Omnom!

18.30 18


7pm – Restoring order to my wardrobe! I moved some boxes around, unpacked a few things from when I moved out of the house in Basildon. It’s so much lovelier when it’s tidy!



8pm – Hanging with Squirrel and getting a few bits organised for the trip Dave and me are taking next year. So exciting!

8.00 19.45


9pm – Finishing clearing out my clothes (a couple of items found their way back into my wardrobe..!). Four carrier bags are going to be finding their way to Inspire in Nottingham!

DSC_0105 21.30b


10pm – Taking my self-portrait for the day! It’s number 1722… (Or 261 of this year!)



11pm – Bedtime reading! The Hundred-Year-Old-Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson (I’m really enjoying this so far) and the IKEA catalogue (my favourite, haha!).



Phew! I really enjoyed taking photos throughout the day, so I’ll definitely be doing this again, though I’m not sure when/how often. It would be too hard to do it whilst I’m on assignment, so that limits me quite a bit! Anyway – hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my (not particularly routine!) day!


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