Photo an Hour: February 15th, 2014


As you may recall, one of my resolutions for 2014 is to complete a photo an hour post for each month. This is my post for February!


 9am – High time for some muesli and a cup of black coffee!



10am – I spent some time organising shelves and such, whilst being mildly alarmed at the amount of rain and wind outside…



11am – Time for some more organisation – I often use this tankard as a pen holder, but I’ve now christened it as an earring displayer!



12pm – Time for a spot of lunch. Omnom!



1pm – Barns was eager to go outside and play in the sudden burst of sunshine that appeared, so we went for a turn around the garden (which thankfully wore him out a bit!).



2pm – Photo-editing and tea-sipping a-go-go!



3pm – I took a break from my PC and decided to have a go at a bit more organisation (!). I should have taken some photos really, but by the time I thought of it, I didn’t have any before photos. Oops! Barns made himself scarce on the windowsill for a wee while…



4pm – I nipped to the shops to buy some drinks in preparation for Natalie’s hen party!



5pm – A spot of filing, and then writing out some details on some model releases for Getty. I have a rather large selection in my queue for them at the moment!



6pm – A little bumble about on the internet before dinner (jacket potatoes, omnom!). As you can see, the little mister was getting sleepy around this point.



7pm – Putting my make-up on before going to Natalie’s hen party!



8pm – Natalie’s hen party! We started off the evening with cherry lambrini!



9pm – During Mr & Mrs!



10pm – A manicure for the bride to be…



11pm – … Followed by a new hairstyle!



12am – We had three teams of loo-roll-dress-making! These are the stunning results..!



Phew! A fun-packed day! Obviously the hen party went on into the wee hours of the morning, but I stopped taking photos after the toilet roll dresses (how can you top that?!). Hope you enjoyed seeing this day in the life of Libby!