Photo an Hour: January 18th, 2015


My first photo an hour post for 2015..!


10am – A rather late start, as I actually had a day off and didn’t have to go into work! (This has been a bit of a rare occasion for the past month or two..!) I find it’s always be to start the day with coffee o’clock!



11am – Playing with a certain little mister..!



12pm – Making a start on making lunch… Preparing some ingredients and attempting to crack some walnuts! (I made a huge mess, even huger than this rather messy photograph makes it look!)



1pm – A bit of everything here – thyme for the carrots, walnuts for the chicken and brandy for the syllabub that we made. Omnomnom!



2pm – Honey and thyme carrots, doing their thing…



3pm – Walnut-stuffed chicken roulade! Recipe here, if you’re interested.



4pm – Mama enjoying a glass of wine after dinner!



5pm – Lousey and I bought ma this needle case – we had a cup of tea/coffee whilst she put her needles away…



6pm – Pretty flowers!



7pm – Writing the Link Round-Up post for the week, bumbling about on the internet for a bit…



8pm – Quick hello to the little mister, and then watching the new series of Call the Midwife, aided by some cheese and biscuits…



9pm – Baileys o’clock!



10pm – A game of Civ V with the lovely Jack!



11pm – Time to get ready for bed! This is my new “hot water bottle” (it’s actually a microwavable bean contraption!) – it’s fabulous!



Phew! A big cookery day, which is grand, taking into consideration my 2015 goal of trying at least one new recipe a month (hello chicken roulade!). Hope you enjoyed this peek into my day – if you fancy looking at any previous Photo an Hour posts, please click the tag at the top of this post.


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