Photo an Hour: October 18th, 2014


Yay, it’s time for October’s Photo an Hour post – as I estimated in my last Photo an Hour post, I absolutely had to save it until the LAN Party weekend! So without further ado…


9am – Mornings at LAN parties are usually pretty slow, gentle things on the whole…



10am – Still in my pajamas at 10 o’clock, drinking a delicious drink from Rob and Lauren’s fabulous new coffee machine. Yum! (I think this one was a caramel macchiato..!)



11am – We appear in dribs and drabs and start playing games. At this point we weren’t really playing any team games, mind… This was also my submission for #Lovetober! (The theme: “In the Morning”.)



12pm – Dave playing L4D2, a firm LAN Party favourite (and one of my favourite games!).



1pm – Lauren playing Payday 2, a new addition to the LAN Party repertoire.



2pm – Patch with the Oculus Rift (!) we all had a go and it was pretty amazing. I have to say that I got an incredible bout of motion sickness from it, though…



3pm – Lucy with a Twix moustache! I think this was a food/coffee/beer break…



4pm – Time for some Pictionary! I believe this was Dave illustrating a straw hat…



5pm – … Still enjoying Pictionary!



6pm – A row of rather intent gaming faces…



7pm – Rob, busy building a badger bot on Robocraft.



8pm – Lauren building/playing with her fish bot of Robocraft…



9pm – Playing the very well-loved The Resistance! Cue lots of finger pointing, loud exclamations, arguing, defending, lies and general confusion. I love this game.



10pm – The arrival of dinner! We ordered so much curry that it arrived in a cardboard crate… But considering how many of us there were, I guess that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise!



11pm – Patch concentrating hard whilst playing L4D2.



12am – Sheds having a rest after playing with his fabulous bunny bot in Robobot (if you haven’t guessed by now, yes, we did all build creatures in Robobot. Can anyone guess what I built..?).



… And I thought it best to stop with the photos after midnight! We played a bit more of Robobot (with some delicious accompanying cocktails) and then called it a night. Hope you enjoyed having a look-see at how our LAN Parties look. If you want to look at my previous Photo an Hour posts (including the one from the last LAN Party!) then click on one of the tags at the top of this page.


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