Photo an Hour: March 20th, 2015


Another Photo an Hour post down, whoah! As predicted, March’s post was taken at the bi-annual LAN party – a wonderful day full of lovely people, delicious food, yummy drinks… And lots of gaming!


8am – Waffles for breakfast!



9am – We dutifully attempted to witness the solar eclipse…

DSC_3761 DSC_3771-2


10am – Earnest start of gaming! I’ve no idea what Fredrik is playing here, but we started some L4D2 shortly after…



11am – Obviously, LAN parties are the perfect excuse to start on the ale/wine/cocktails a little earlier than usual. Yum!



12pm – Sheds and Luke taking a little break from multi-player gaming.



1pm – Dave, looking up some Civ V hints and tips…



2pm – Patch and I had a small disagreement over the placement of some of our cities… Whoops.



3pm – Patch, deep in thought during a break from Civ.



4pm – Back to Civ…



5pm – … Cue some serious gaming faces!



6pm – After some Civ, we all had a go at The Ship. A new LAN party game for us!



7pm – One of my favourite drinks. Yum!



8pm – And some new and exciting cocktails, which were also delicious!



9pm – A spot of Diablo III before settling down for some non-PC based entertainment…



10pm – … Pictionary time!



11pm – Chocolate cake o’clock (as good as it looks you guys – SO scrumptious!).



12am – A spot more Pictionary, followed by The Ship, and on into the night…



There you have it – hope you enjoyed that look into one of our LAN parties, and hope I didn’t make you jealous with the delicious photos of cake, waffles and cocktails..! Click through the tags at the top of the post to have a gander at some of my previous photo an hour posts (including a few others taken at LAN parties, if you’re so inclined!).


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